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מגן ראש למיטת תינוק | בלוסום מיסט

  לתשומת לבך: המוצר ניתן לאיסוף בלבד. אתם מוזמנים ליצור איתנו קשר במייל או טלפונית 0546332164

Make your crib safe and secure with our ETOILE bed bumper that will protect your child while asleep

Konges sloejd have created our bed bumpers in a timeless design that even matches our beddings

Made in 100% organic cotton with a 4 cm foam core

Comes with a large bag that can be used as a shopping bag, for toys and many other purposes

The ribbon fasteners make it easy to attach the bumper securely to the bars of the bed

Cleaning instructions:
The bed bumper has a zipper on the side so that the cover can be removed and washed easily.
Please remove foam before washing.
Wash at 30 degrees C.
Reshape when wet

Length: 360 cm
Height: 30 cm
Ribbon fasteners: 12 cm

Note: This lovely product is available for pick up only. Please reach out to us via email 

katanitlv@gmail.com or phone