Floral Moss Bed Pocket

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ארגונית כיסים למיטת תינוק

ארגונית כיסים מיטה מושלמים לצד העריסה כדי לאחסן דברים קטנים לתינוקות שלך, כמו מוצצים, מגבונים... לצד היותו פרקטי, זהו גם תוסף דקורטיבי לכל מיטת תינוק.

גודל 40x17 ס"מ.

100% כותנה. מיוצר בפורטוגל ומוסמך OEKO-Tex

Floral Moss pattern is inspired by the scene of a Wes Anderson movie, a director we admire and love for his iconic style in film. Floral Moss is the same pattern as the Floral Vine, where the pattern is very illustrative and clear, but on Floral Moss we have let the background absorb a lot of the outline to create a petal look and removed they mustard yellow keys to create calm and clean pattern with a liberty feel. The base is a dark moss green with ecru petals and leaves in two shades of light green, a stunning combination.

Garbo&Friends Bed Pockets are perfect to have on the side of the crib to put your babys little things into, like pacifiers, rattles or perhaps a book. Alongside being practical, it is also a decorative feature in the nursery.

Ethically made in Portugal and OEKO-Tex Certified.