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Tammie, Blouse | Light Plum Mel

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חולצת מעטפת לקטנטנים מקשמיר רך מאוד,קליל ונושם עם ססגירת כפתור וסרט

בצבע מלאנג׳ שזיף בהיר 

100% קשמיר

מוצר זה מאושר על פי תקן 100 על ידי OEKO-TEX®

המוצר מכיל צמר מוסמך RWS (Responsible Wool Standard).

RWS Certified Wool

This product contains wool from Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified farms.

The Responsible Wool Standard is a voluntary standard that addresses animal welfare and the managing of land.

With this certification, we can trace the wool all the way back to the farm, ensuring that our wool comes from sheep that have been treated in accordance with the Five Freedoms of animal welfare, and from farms that have a progressive and responsible approach to land management.